Apple had some exciting news last year as they released their new programming language, Swift. After using it to build apps for a few months, we’re convinced it’s the best option for building, powerful, full-featured and beautiful apps.

Here’s why Swift is better than what came before:

It’s a new standard

Previously, developers would write apps in the Objective-C language. It gets the job done, but the language is about 30 years old, which means it’s probably not the freshest option for writing powerful apps for the latest devices.

Swift is only a few months old but it’s already positioned itself as the best option for writing apps not just for iPhone and iPad, but for Mac OS, tvOS and even watchOS for Apple Watches.

It’s faster

Apple boasts that the new language is more concise, and we’ve found that to be the case. You can replace several lines of Objective-C with just a few expressions in Swift. That makes it quicker to write, and quicker to execute when the program runs. Swift lives up to its name!

It’s self-correcting

It’s easy to make mistakes when coding. Sometimes these mistakes can lead to simple bugs, but sometimes it can be more severe as apps leak people’s data or break devices.

Swift comes with error detection and failsafes to make show-stopping bugs much less likely.

It’s visual

Almost best of all, Swift makes it easy to see the effect of your code as you go along. With another window side-by-side with the code, you can see how your changes take effect in the final product. Very cool.

It took a long time for Apple to get around to launching a language specially optimised towards building modern apps, but now it’s here we’re enjoying using it. ELS has got several apps already completed using Swift, and we look forward to using it for many more in future!


Charles Sellers

With a background in development and marketing, Charles has grown the business over the past four years to a small but agile team.