Whether you’re a professional designer or a closet creative; we all dream of getting the chance to work on website designs for a popular brand.

Talented designers across the globe are taking to Dribbble to showcase their interpretation of famous websites we use daily. From Twitter to National Geographic, there are some incredible concepts out there that deserve some recognition.


Check out some of our favourite (unofficial) redesigns below – and don’t forget to give the designers some love!


IKEA by Michal Parulski

We love how Michal has made a feature of the IKEA brand colours, much more than the current site itself. The yellow accent colour enhances the design and creates a much stronger brand identity.


Vans by Mykolas Puodžiūnas

This modernised design has a significantly improved interface which provides the user with added functionality and an overall better user experience.

As a Vans junkie i was blown away by outdated design, weird layout choices and some very irritating UX issues


Skype by George Howes

As a regular Skype user myself, I often think the look and feel is outdated and lacks professionalism. George has produced a great interpretation of this, keeping all Skypes handy features but with improved composition.


Trello by Michal Parulski

We are huge fans of Trello here at ELS and love Michals redesign concept. It would be great to see Trello implement a more minimalistic design like this.

Are you a Trello lover just like us?…created in response to the community’s concerns


Twitter by Ramil Derogongun

As a daily user of Twitter it’s great to see how other people would change it. Ramil has produced a really clean profile page with some nice features, I particularly like how the content is split into 3 distinct areas with contrasting colours to show the divide.


YouTube by Aurélien Salomon

Whilst YouTube already has some great features, it is really interesting to see a more cinematic approach. Aurélien has produced an interesting concept to improve the viewing experience and his notes are definitely worth a read!


National Geographic by Otto Prangishvilli

Otto has some great GIFs showcasing his work on Dribbble. This National Geographic concept displays some advanced animation and functionality which provides a much more engaging experience for the user than the current site.


Laura Mansfield

Laura's passion for understanding how users interact with websites and her appetite for studying trends has led her to specialise in UX/UI Design.