ELS Media is pleased to announce that we’ve finished putting the final touches to our brand new website, and that it is now live!

The old website served us well, but those who saw it would agree it looked a little old and tired. It suffered from minimal (or maybe just ‘plain’) design and a lack of content. The sites that we design for our clients are better than this, so we knew it was overdue for a rethink from the ground up.

Formerly, the site ran on WordPress, which we still love for its versatility, interoperability and simplicity. However we’ll be working on the new one using MODX, which is powerful and flexible enough to really help our site stand out from the other online marketing companies. Harrogate is a competitive place for web design and marketing agencies, so creating a site that reflects the quality of our proposition was essential.

Of course as web design is a huge part of what we do, we need to have a website that we can stand by and be really proud of. With our new launch, we have exactly that.

We’ve injected some colour and contrast to the previous page, which had an abundance of white space and not much in the way of imagery. You’d have been forgiven for thinking we were ‘just another agency’.

In contrast, it’s our aim now to make the new site as accessible and engaging as possible. Continuing with a responsive design, it has a clear layout and places the most relevant information front and centre.

The front page, rather than just a description of the company, outlines more of our services and has clear links to case studies. This gives a much better answer to the question ‘what can ELS Media do for me?’ that we’re sure would be on many visitors’ lips.

The case studies are a new section of the site, describing how we’ve helped clients’ businesses grow through our web design, development and marketing, and app development services. Across a wide range of projects and industries, these will demonstrate exactly what we can do – what we have done – for businesses just like yours.

Finally, all the text has been pored over and rewritten to bring it bang up to date with our latest services and innovations, and drive up our value.

Why not take a look around the new portal? We hope you’re enjoying the browsing experience and you agree it showcases the best of what we have to offer.


Laura Mansfield

Laura's passion for understanding how users interact with websites and her appetite for studying trends has led her to specialise in UX/UI Design.